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Vedic Vastu Faq's - About Us
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The Most Frequently asked Questions about Vastu Shastra
What is Vastu Shastra?

Vaastu Shastra is a scientific structural design principle and is the prime method for synchronizing your structure with nature. It covers your home, place of business and even a sports complex.

How does Vastu Shastra help us?
  Nature consists of five basic elements. Your own body is made up of these elements: (1) air (You breath air) (2) fire ( your body temperature)  (3)  water (4) earth( Your body's minerals)  (5) and most importantly Cosmic energy ( energy of planets). When we synchronize our place of business and residence with nature's energies, our personal location becomes a dynamic location, in order for nature to release positive energy to benefit us. Otherwise, those energies fight within each other thus creating an astronomical amount of static and tension in your place of business or home. The result is one of which there are more arguments, more staff turn over, workers' unrest, more accidents, customer dissatisfaction, legal problems and so on.
How is it going to help me?
  You are a universe within a universe. Did you notice that your body feels different within different places? The more your place is synchronized with nature, the better the atoms in your body receive the energy, and thus they do not have to struggle to get the energy required. Therefore, you will always have extra energy to think and work well. That is the reason why the change of the design of the location to the right location always helps to improve business. For example, when a shopper is located in a pleasant environment, there is less resistance within that shopper to buy anything. If the shopper were located in an unpleasant environment, then the shopper would only think about leaving and would have plenty of resistance.
Can you explain it in a bit simpler manner?
  Take for example, on a very cold night you sit near the fire. There, you will feel cozy and comfortable. Instead, think of yourself sitting ON the fire! The elements of you and fire are still the same but the placement of your body makes the comfortable situation into a serious situation. Therefore, a wrongly placed swimming pool, kitchen or electrical panel can create a lot of problems to your family and business. Unfortunately, your innocent eyes may not notice these kinds of mismatched placements of those five basic natural energies and that is the reason you need to try Vastu Shastra.
What is the difference in Feng Shui and the Vedic Vastu Shastra?
  Vedic Vastu Shastra is a very scientific understanding of nature with the basic five elements. They are there physically, where as in Feng Shui, it is more of a kind of belief and faith. Feng Shui does not consider cosmic energies while Vastu Shastra is based on it. Without the energy of the sun, the entire universe would be non-existent. If Feng Shui works for someone, then Vastu Shastra will create miracles.
Can I use mirrors, like in Feng Shui, to rectify my home and business?
  No, it will not help you, because you cannot fool nature. However, you should naturally merge into nature.
How long does it normally take to notice the benefits of Vastu Shastra?
  Normally, it takes one month to six months. It also depends on the amount of rectification recommended applied, the percentage of defects, topography, as well as strengths of your Vedic horoscope.
Do you recommend structural changes if the place is already built?
  At the initial stage, we start with minimum or no structural rectifications. Once you see the benefits and advantages, then it is up to you as to how far you want to go in order to receive the maximum benefits of Vastu Shastra.
What factors are the most important to receive the maximum benefits?
  The most important factor is the topography of the land. Then comes the water resources. Other elements like trees, electrical poles, direction of your place and the size and shape of land are also important. The last, but equally important is the position of the stars in your Vedic horoscope.
Are the color, type of wood, and fabric very important in order to create better Vaastu?
  Yes, it is very important because it will pave the road for energy to move more freely and settle into your place. Imagine you wearing a black color cloth in the summer. One would feel very uncomfortable. If you wore a white shirt, then you would feel more comfortable and be able to work more efficiently. Furthermore, there are a variety of different types of wood, metal, and material. Some types merge and conduct energy efficiently and others don't. Thus, these elements are very important to soothe the natural energy in your area.
How can we get your services? Do we need to be in the San Francisco area to get your services?
  We have been providing our services to people in Norway, Australia, Poland, India, Canada, Japan, Brazil and all over America through faxes, videos and through the Internet. You can e-mail us your blueprints, videotape, fax or mail us your hand drawn sketch of your building for quick service.
What are your fees?
  Our minimum fees for the standard American home is $ 350.00 without visiting your site. For commercial sites, new construction sites and the size and the amount of work necessary causes fees to vary from case BY  case.
Compared to the cost of your spending money on marketing, curb appeal, and renovation, the cost of a Vastu consultation will be a penny to a dollar. The benefits are worth a million.
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