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Know About the Stock Market and the World through this Vedic Science and Stay Ahead and in Control.
Use this Cosmic Umbrella!

Get news about Bill Gates, George Bush, The Clintons, Larry Ellison, and other  political leaders or stocks, HP, Microsoft, Real Estate, and Gold and Silver before they know!

These calculations and predictions are based on Vedic Astrology, with the help of subjects date of birth and time of birth, and are created by Niranjan Mehta of New Dynamic Inc.  Without his permission they cannot be re-printed or used in any form.

Nothing is negative or positive. A smart person will exploit positive information to fullest his benefit. and use all his talents and resources to convert any negative info  into positive with right action. Be stoic and stay stoic. It is the winning formula from Vedic Science.

Posted 12/21/2002 for the year 2003-2004


USA :  United States will become a more dominant force into world politics.  We will see more changes in our international policy and we will get more respect in UNO.  At the home front, we will see a raise in taxes everywhere.  There will be agitation against the government.  This will create a lot of tension within the nation.  USA will be exposed in its involvement in some secret mission.  In general, the government functions in a very commanding way.
Bill Clinton : This year is an excellent year for him. He will be more outspoken, more in control, and there will be change or renovation of the home. Major opportunity will come between June 2003 and December 2003.
Hilary Clinton : She should avoid any renovation with her home.  She should learn to be careful while driving.  She is most likely to loose a significant amount of investment due to wrong judgment.  Circumstances will force her to deal with some legal or some contract issue.  She will see a tremendous improvement in her life after 2005.
President George Bush : He will under go an uphill task up to September of 2003, then he will have more command and more cooperation from all sides. 
Laura Bush : She will be more in the limelight after June 2003. We will see her more in the public life and will get some important award and recognition of her work by the public.  The direction in which she is heading, will be very satisfactory for her.
Queen Elizabeth : People will see a lot of dirty linen being washed in public.  Prince Phillip and Queen Elizabeth will be seen in tears by the public because of some blunder.  It is a very agonizing time that they will soon be going under.  As per Vedic Astrology, they will pay the price of their past karma for the next four-five years.  No amount of money, power, or resources will protect them.  When nature goes negative, only humbleness is the answer.
Governor Gray Davis of California :  A very demanding time period, in which he will have to deal with.  Some of his own trusted people will let him down, and will create a humiliating situation for him every area.  He will have to compromise in many ways to get the ball rolling  even at the home front.
Barbara Boxer : She should avoid any renovation with her home.  She should learn to be careful while driving.  She is most likely to loose a significant amount of investment due to wrong judgment.  Circumstances will force her to deal with some legal or some contract issue.  She will see a tremendous improvement in her life after 2005.
Trent Lott : As per Vedic Astrology,  he has been undergoing a Saturn configuration. This configuration  has been creating tremendous amounts of internal pressure on him.  His negative speech was  a reflection of that pressure.  He still has to deal with more pressure from December 22, 2002 to February 28, 2003.  During this time, outside forces will push him to resign from Senate.  Unless he is very lucky and has done good karma, he will survive to maintain his position.  
Julia Roberts : A major move in her personal life, location change, or change in romance  More demanding time, and people will try to belittle her.
Leonardo DiCaprio :  For him, marriage is a big mirage.  No matter how many times he finds a girlfriend telling him that he is their dream man, it won't last for more than two years.  Right now he has a good chance to get married and then get divorced after 3 years.
Winona Ryder : Some of her own friends might have created trouble for her in this stealing scam.  However, her extremely good time will start after June 2003, and between June 2003 and June 2004, she will get lots of name and fame. She may even become stable in her personal life, marriage is possible.  And some more name and fame.  She should stay away from dependent medication. Wearing the right gemstones can help her. 
Sean Penn :  A change of location is very active.  If he is single, marriage can happen and a birth of child
Francis Ford Coppola : A major breakthrough has occured to him in the last three months of his life.  He will come out as a leader, and become a trend setter in the wine industry.  He will give a real hard time to his competitors.  Yet more news will come, after January 2, 2003 with an even bigger and better push. 
Tom Waits : He will change his band activities and will prefer to go alone or join a new group.  Since the past two years, e has felt a lot of bitterness towards his activities and associates.  However, the new  move which will occur now, will be very stable and fulfilling.  If he is single, then we will see some stability and harmony in relationship.  He will have to work real hard to please his audience.
Bill Gates : As we predicted last year, his company lost almost 5-7 billion dollars in the stock market. The same negative planetary configuration is even going to be more intense, and we will see that he will loose even more of his personal fortune.  We will also see that he will  have to deal with his residential and automobile in a negative way.  Also, he will be personally involved in legal tangle with breach of contract.
Carly Fiorina of HP :  Because of her good time, the people will see a lot of new products and innovation for HP.  A totally new outlook.  HP will do better as far as Carlie stays there.  Her favorable stars will boost the stock price of HP. 
Gold and Silver Metal :  As we predicted they did will and will do even better this year.  Please avoid speculation, but in general, it will out perform other metals.
Real Estate : Last year the Real Estate business slowed down significantly and we will see the real downturn and some kind of crash situation in year 2003.
Below information is last years predictions : Posted 12/24/2001 for Year 2002 and 2003

(Disclaimer: This information is for entertainment only. The author nor NDI is not liable for any consequences of believing in this work).

Bill Gates :
 Will keep doing well until end of 2002, however, 2003 will be very demanding and frustrating because he will loose a big chunk of investment, have some kind of legal tangle, and residential or automobile related problem.

 Julia Roberts :  After June 2002 and between early 2003, she will change her location of her office or residence.  A birth of child is possible in 2003

 Tom Cruise :  Will get married sometime in late 2002

 Bill Clinton : He will do extremely well after June 2002.  He will get more popular, more recognition, and will be more out-spoken.

 Hilary Clinton : Will have an uphill task in the next eighteen months, starting in June 2002, especially in residence, auto, and career.

 Diane Feinstein : Will surface significantly, benefiting financially in 2002.  She will have to handle some family rift and false allegation.

 Camilla Parker :  She and Prince Charles is a totally mis-matched couple.  People will notice the break-up between them, although, she will try to marry Prince Charles. Even if she marries, the marriage won’t last longer than 5 years.

President George Bush :   Has  been doing well because of very favorable Jupiter and Saturn. However after 7/2002, negative transition of those planets will put him in very demanding and frustrating time. Some issue will disturb his public image and reputation between 8/2002 to 8/2003 

Vice President Dick Cheney : People will see him in a very commanding and dominating position after 8/2002. He will be very out spoken and will get lots attention and respect from public. His health will improve too only after 8/2002.

Rudolph Giuliani (NYC Mayor) : Favorable planetary transits help him to be more successful in the last 18 months. However, the smiling Giuliani will notice how planets control him. Suddenly, he will see a down-turn after August 2002 and the next 15 months he will have to deal with all kinds of difficulties and negative press reports.

General Information about Stock Market : Banking stocks will do  well only up to June 2002 and then Big Down turn  will arise. Software stocks will get beaten and perform at low levels and publication stocks will go down. However, hardware  stocks will do better than year 2001.  Metal and silver prices will go up in late 2002; gold will be steady.  Real Estate will notice significant down turn and will notice the biggest down turn in 2003

Below information is last years predictions : Posted on 12/30/2000 for year 2001 and 2002

The  election of 2000 was a big fiasco, as per Vedic Horoscope of Gore and Liebermann and their opponent President Bush and Vice President Cheney are a total mismatched partners.  None of the pairs will able to function well.  Each individuals cosmic energy creates lots of static and disharmony around each other, and that will reflect on the performance in the coming years with lots of frustration, failure, and disappointment.  Individually Pres. Bush and  Former Vice Pres. Gore are undergoing good times right now, but bringing in Liebermann and Cheney to their team created a mess in the election.  
Business ::

In general technology stocks will do well after April 2001, May and June are going to be very good Months for especially technology stocks, related to audio, video, and entertainment. Hardware related stocks will perform below expectation. Banking will do well and the best time for banking would be year 2003 and 2004.  Banking will start doing well after Dec. 2001.

Bill Gates :: Although the market is down, his vedic astrology shows very strong financial gain for the next sixteen months.  I am very confident that he himself does very well financially and is able to overcome all legal battles with the justice department.  If he is able to finish before June 2002,then the next two years he will undergo tremendous financial squeeze, legal tangle, created by his own people. Automobile related problems, residential and office related changes will be more frequent with uncertainty. 

Steve Jobs :: His stock and he will do very well after Jan 2001. He will be able to gain lots of benefit with new products and good recognition and improvement in the company's performance.  His performance will require a lot of demand, hard work, and some woman can cause a problem in the later part of 2002 and 2003. 

CEO Larry Ellison of ORACLE :: Will do very well till Dec. of 2001, he will become more spiritual for the first time In his life.  Will read more books on religion and philosophy, and he will have to resign in 2003 out of frustration.

Politics ::
President George Bush :: He will enjoy his dreamful field and with power and fame.  However, after Sept. 2002, some issues will weaken his presidency and will notice difficulty to govern.

Vice President Dick Cheney :: People will notice the conflicts between him and Pres. George Bush.  He himself will go into shell and may undergo frequent health problems after Aug. 2001 and from then on to Sept. 2002 will be a very difficult period for him. Also surface difficult time in month of May and June. of 2001

Former Popular President Clinton :: He will get a very hefty, around $20 million book deal between Dec. 2001 and Dec. 2002.  But during the same time he will undergo some kind of false accusation and his pretty successful year will begin in 2003-2004.  During 2003-2004  Sen.  Hillary Clinton will undergo a lot of uncertainty of place of residence, some legal tangle and auto related problem.  She will try to be president in year 2008.

Monica Lewinsky :: She will get married and have a baby in the next sixteen months starting Jan. 2001.

Former President Reagan :: President Reagan will undergo a very serious period in the later part of 2002.

Former Vice-President Gore and Tipper Gore ::  Former Vice President Gore will do very well after June 20.01 and some positive news will solidify his position.  For Tipper Gore, she should drive carefully, and should be prepared about uncertainty of place of residence.
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