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Vedic Retreat Faq's - About Us
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Enhance the Quality of Your Life, Find the Solution while Vacationing at New Dynamic Inn. The Worlds Most Unique Vacation. The retreat where you will discover insight and answers for better living. Recharge your body…relax your mind…let your spirit soar!
The Most Frequently asked Questions about Vedic Retreat
How is your Vedic Alternate Retreat different from other retreats?

When you go to the beach, to the mountain, to a big hotel, cruise ship, restaurant, or other so called commercial retreats, they involve a lot of people and most of time, create an environment that will help you forget the realities and create illusions of enjoyment that take you away from the real you. They encourage you to think, that in life there are no tomorrows, where as, we, at New Dynamic Inn with help of Vedic scientist, Niranjan Mehta and his experience create a totally different and everlasting solution to your personal life. It will focus only on a one-one basis with Niranjan Mehta. You may discuss the wonders of Vedic astrology, Vedic gemstones, Ayurveda, Vedic compatibility (your partner or business partner), and discussing your home floor plan & rectification (vaastu). Everywhere you go, the focal point will be on you. So, the solutions will be eternal and simple.

My partner prefers to go to the beach and have a quiet evening at a hotel.
  You could go to the beach, but the fun might last 2 hrs. You could go to a restaurant, but the fun will last about 1 hr. (if you're lucky, the food will taste as good as in your dreams). You could go to the sauna or get the massage, but the fun only lasts till the end of the treatment and maybe for a while after. Then, it will be forgotten. How many relationships are based on vacations, rather than mutual trust and understanding? Those man made material pleasures have very short lasting effects on the mind. Whereas, at New Dynamic Inn, you will understand why your life is as it is. You will also know how you can improve your life and ultimately it will create a sense of balance for the rest of your life
How is it going to help me?
  We will create an extremely detailed Vedic horoscope for you. Through that we will com to know where your life is headed. Your goals and desires and our insight will work as a flashlight in the dark.
What other services can be arranged?
  Through prior arrangement and with additional fees, you can get special vegetarian cooking classes, Ayurvedic Punch-Karma, Ayurvedic massage, Yoga classes, and mantra chanting classes
How many people do you allow at a time?
  Most of the time, we prefer two at a time. However, both of you will treated during separate shifts. One day, you will be in the morning session and the 2nd day, you will be in the afternoon session. However, there could be joint classes for Yoga, cooking, mantra chanting, or for general discussions.
What amenities does you property offer?
  New Dynamic Inn is situated in the heart of downtown Guerneville. It is very close to family and country style restaurants. The Russian River is about 300 yards from the Inn. Each room includes a private bath, TV, VCR, small refrigerator, and microwave. Computers and the Internet can be provided with small fees. We are the only Inn that have these facilities.
What is the best time to come there?
  Every day is important to enhance and solve the mystery of life. We run our retreat round the year. You come here for answers and to progress in your life.
What is the proof that Vedic science can help me?
  If you have tried all the kinds of retreats and vacations, then I assure you that this is your ultimate solution to the puzzle of your life.
What other information do you need to know about us?
  I need to know your place, time and date of birth.

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