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Vedic Remedial Faq's - About Us
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The Most Frequently asked Questions about Vedic Gemstones
What is the difference between Vedic Astrological Gemstones and others that we get at the next door jewelers or big malls?

Most of time, when we go to a store or fancy mall we get gemstones that are mostly stimulated, treated, polished or dyed in a lab to make it better looking and more appealing. Where as, Vedic Astrological Gemstone are not ornamental but remedial, and in most case, they are not treated, dyed, or faceted to create brilliance.

How can a piece of rock help me?
  When a doctor operates on us he uses needles or a knife. Technically, those are pieces of metal. The right knowledge can turn the rock into a great beneficial life saving element. The gemstone works as a conductor & booster of cosmic energy in the same way as a solar energy panel. Right gemstones will absorb required cosmic energy in order to balance your system. Your body cells constantly absorb these cosmic energies and the gemstones work as fertilizers & conductors for your cells and energies
How does it works?
  If we were to analyze a part of a major decision, the results would show that wearing the right gemstone would balance your thinking. When our thinking is balanced, chances of making mistakes are less likely and more success is achieved. Prevention is better than cure.
Why do I need to wear only prescribed Gemstones and not others?
  Through your Vedic Horoscope, we will come to know that in your chart cosmic energy is more important to you. Nature's energy is synchronizing your elements, which is the reason you need to avoid conflict within yourself. It is like penicillin. For somebody, it can be life saving. At the same time, to another it can be poisonous.
Why can't I wear my birthstone?
  You can if it is stimulated or synthetic. It is not going to have any remedial value. But if is real, then you need to find out whether it is synchronizing with your neutrons. Otherwise, you are innocently creating an obstacle within yourself. Which leads to more uninvited trouble.
What differences will I feel after wearing Vedic Astrological Gemstone?
  If the planetary configuration is well at the time of wearing the prescribed gemstone, then the following things would be noticed within your body and mind: improvement in sleep, positive attitude towards people, people will think more positively of you, less cynical reactions, more tolerance and calmness, improvement in relationship and family matters, improvement in materials and income, and acquire a better look and aura. Please note that if the planetary time is very bad then improvements will be slow and in a moderate level. Also your family members will notice this difference within you. The most important improvement will be in general health and feeling very good about yourself.
How long does it take to notice the differences?
  If the quality of the gemstone is good, then you should see the differences within a month. You should notice the positive results. If you prefer a more economical gemstone, the results take about 120 day to 180 days in order to notice significant changes
Where can I get the good recommended gemstones?
  We, at New Dynamic Inc., carry excellent Vedic astrological gemstones with economical prices. The best advantage to deal with us is that we know your Vedic chart. We know the value of recommendation sand we know what works for you and what doesn't. The biggest advantage is that anything you buy from us is on an unconditional money back guarantee.
Why your price is different than what we get in the mall or in a discount store?
  The gemstones that we provide are real gemstones. Others who sell gemstone may not know about Vedic astrological gemstones. Furthermore, you pay us for knowledge, services, and solution. Which is also in the same manner, as when you buy medicine at the drug store, that same medicine becomes very expensive when doctors with knowledge and solution prescribe it. Do not forget that the good gemstones you buy are once in lifetime and wear for rest of your life. Cheap gemstones are bought 100 times.
How I will come to know my right Gemstones?
  You need to provide us with your date of birth, time of birth and place of birth to find out your real Vedic astrological gemstones.

When you decide to use these gemstones one should consider facts mentioned below. The more knowledgeable you are, the better consumer you are and it will help you get the best possible benefit from gemstones.

1) All jewelers may not know your Nakshatra, they may not know from which mine the gems are coming from, also they may not know whether Gemstones are treated . This is a specialised area which requires knowledge of Vedic Astrology and good communication with wearer of gemstone. That will help us to see the benefit level specially in areas regarding your sleeping pattern and your temperament. Also when we undergo negative  planetary configuration , at that time, positive  influence of gemstone can be minimized. So a good and experienced Vedic astrologer has to be with you to guide you to assess the whole situation in your life. When we undergo good configuration, right gemstones  will boost our ability to exploit opportunity  and when it is negative will work like deflector or an umbrella to cosmic shower. IT WILL HELP TO  MINIMIZE NEGATIVE INFLUENCE AND WILL HELP US PREVENT FROM MAKING MORE MISTAKES.
 2) It is law of nature that if something helps you then there is something that hurts you. One spoon of Sugar can boost an average person’s energy and that one spoon can be damaging to person with diabetes. Therefore, if you wear wrong gemstones prescribed by an unqualified person, it can be harmful to you and you, as wearer, would never notice that the wrong gemstone is hurting you. You may blame your boss, your spouse or your luck but problem could be on your finger.
 3) Also remember one spoon of sugar made from Sugar cane, from Corn, or from Beet root will all come out as sugar, but we know what amount we have to use to make our tea sweet according to which sugar we use. So mass in gemstone is very important.
 4) Some mines are 100 million years old and some mines are 2 millions yeas old that also make big difference in absorbing cosmic energy geo physically. For example, the sweetness of a mango which ripened on the mango tree and the sweetness in a mango ripened artificially will taste different, the same way the energy of the gemstones is also important.
5) My own experiences of many years with benefit to clients from our work we can guide you to wear the right gemstone and you pay me for my knowledge and that knowledge help me to offer un conditionally money back guarantee for 5yrs which is unheard of any where.
6) I have seen and dealt with lots of people wearing wrong Gemstone and innocently making their life more difficult because too much over confidence in their source and their own inability to obtain right information and guidance. Gemstones are the most powerful tools and is essence of mother earth. If you get energy from food, rehydrate from water: both elements are coming from earth so gemstone also comes from earth and it is oldest naturally processed food and most concentrated form of food so one should use these elements correctly and under observation. Drug Company make synthetic chemical duplicating natural chemical elements of earth.
7) Gemstone does not have to be good in appearerance THERE IS NOT A SINGLE NATURAL GEMSTONE IN WORLD WITHOUT FLOW. And any one claimed, then only give him a bigger microscope.


Mind is the main cause of problems in life. Wrong thinking makes life difficult with wrong action. Wearing right gemstone will balance our thinking. When thinking is balanced, There will be less mistakes, less mistakes means more time for progressive thinking and more resources will be available.

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