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Vedic Compatibility Faq's - About Us
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The Most Frequently asked Questions about Vedic Compatibility
Why is the Vedic compatibility test (marriage and business partnership wellness) so important to success in life?

Most of time we make our decisions based on somebody's appearance, professional qualifications, income level, and of course the so called love at first sight. In reality, those elements are man made elements and more psychological than the natural chemical compatibility. The mind does not compromise with your partner if your internal chemistry is not synchronized with each other. If this constant wave of magnetic field does not synchronize with your business partner or marriage partners then you both will constantly try to overcome each other and ultimately it will surface in  an uncompromising field.

I always follow my birth sign. For example, I am Leo and I prefer my partner to be an Aquarius. Doesn't Vedic compatibility work
  that way?
  No. If the entire world were divided into twelve categories that would mean that 1-12 of the world was compatible with you. On the other hand, Vedic compatibility deals with 27 constellations. Thus the world is divided into 1/27. Furthermore, there is a greater emphasis on the navmansa ascendant and the placement of Mars influences you both and also aids in checking the family background. Vedic compatibility test has a maximum of 36 point test based upon these eight principles: #(1) astrological class or refinement. Maximum 1 point (2) Vashya: natural physical attraction. Maximum 2 point (3) Dina: astrological directional chemistry. Maximum you get 3 points (4) Yoni: sexual compatibility. Maximum one can get is 4 points (5)Graha Maitri: compatibility of mind. The maximum one can get is 5 points (6) Gana: compatibility of temperament. Maximum is 6 points (7) Bhakut: compatibility of bond and some obligation from karmic action. Maximum one can get is 7 points, and the last, but very important (8) Nadi: the intricate and non-visual Chakra energy base. This energy base can be closely compared with the endocrines glands. The maximum one can get is 8 points. The examination of these 8 categories will improve your chances of a better and more fulfilling partnership.
I consider  love to be the most important element in marriage. Why do I need to undergo such a thorough test?
  In our  western world almost 100 % marriages based on this so-called love or dating . However, these marriages turn into divorce in 1-3 years of marriage. If you want to marry someone based on love, it is okay. However we recommend that you take this additional test of each other, the Vedic compatibility test so you would know what to expect and diffuse problems that may arise. " Stitch in time Save Nine" or Any additional info from Nature will improve  your love and better understanding for each other  WITHOUT PSYCHOLOGICAL COMPROMISED.
I am a doctor or an accountant or CEO. I want to marry someone from a similar professional background in order to have better
  understanding in marriage.
  That qualification is a man-made piece of paper. It is not a passport to happiness. Happiness and progress comes through the mind and each individual's magnetic field in order to supplement each other. If your magnetic fields do not match cosmically with your partner, then those man-made qualifications will not help.  Slowly you will start noticing, stiffness, frequent quarrels, anger, argument  or lake of communication. and if you very compatible with each other then in those situation you will feel more sensitivities and desire and eagerness to diffused quickly and try your best  to make each other happy.
I see some couples that are made for each other. They have a great marriage and they never used this Vedic compatibility test.
  How is it possible?
  Accidentally and innocently, they might have been able to choose the right and Cosmically compatible partner. They could be lucky, or what you see may not be true. To know any couple well, one must spend a minimum of 15 days together to see their real marriage at their home.
Can you explain?
  If you mix milk and oil in one glass, both are liquid, both are in one glass, but the milk will stay milk and oil will stay oil no matter how much you shake it up. However if milk were to lose its identity you would not be able to drink it and if oil lost its identity you would not be able to fry in it. But if you mixed that milk with any other type of milk, there would not have been a chemical conflict. In the same manner, if you don't have the right partner, the oil and milk story applies. 
What benefits do I receive if I follow or use this compatibility test?
  It does not give a guaranteed happy marriage, but it does show a path and map to reach that dream marriage. It will give you a peace of mind, your relationship will require very less effort, and there will be more understanding, caring ness, and sacrifice for each other. After marriage, if your astrological time is good, then there will be more prosperity and progress.
I am already married. How do I use this Vedic compatibility test?
  You can still benefit. This test will help you to understand each other better. It will help you to get rid of the personal blame-game, and create more sympathy, kindness and less friction. Thus there will be more time to focus on career advancement.
We prefer a marriage counselor.
  If you find the solution from them, that's fine with us, however, you have to understand that counseling is psychological. It may last a day or two and come with lots compromises. You may feel better from the outside but from within, there may exist anger, frustration and humiliation from Either party. Whereas in Vedic astrology, there is no chance of pointing fingers. Nobody is a loser. Instead, you will know each other from the bottom of your heart. Thus harmony, sacrifice  and peace is far greater than the phony and artificial love.
Please Note: Getting more points is not a passport to a successful marriage or partnership. Each individual’s family DNA, upbringing, and refinement (class)   also enhance partnership. However, any man made qualification such as educational degree, money, designation, or personal look has no effect or significant effect  in making compatibility any better. However if partner's family background and habit is cultured then getting more points will improve chances of better harmony, progress and bond. We recommend a minimum of 24 points without a Mars flaw for a good match. The more points, the better the partnership.

Improve and create an umbrella of Prosperity, Happiness, and security through working or choosing the right partner through Vedic Astrological Compatibility Test.

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