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Vedic Yantra - Knowledge

Yantras are great cosmic conductors of energy, an antenna of Nature, a powerful tool for harmony,  prosperity, success, good health, yoga, and meditation.

The most Popular Yantras are  Shri Yantra,  Kuber Yantra, Meru Yantra, Gayatri Yantra, Ganesh Yantra, Laxmi Yantra , and there are also Yantras for all Human activities like Love,  Business,  Health, Fear. Competing. from this Tantric branch of Vedic Science it has Yantras  for all kind of  natural activities and it works to boost your position for better success from nature through Yantras.

The World's Most Comprehensive Yantra Site
This web page is respectfully dedicated to Late Shri Harish Johari with all of our respect & gratitude. He shared his unmatched command on Secret and sacred Science of Yantras and talents as an Artist. He was born on May 12, 1934, at 12:55 PM in Barely, India, and passed away on August 20, 1999, at 3:25 PM in Haridwar, India. He traveled throughout the world teaching a wide array of subjects. Niranjan Mehta is one of Johari's dedicated disciples who is immensely benefited through his sharing of this sacred Vedic science. Shri Yantra, Ganesh Yantra, Meru Yantra, Durga Yantra, Kali Yantra, Laxmi Yantra, Lakshmi Yantra, 
What are Yantras?
  In the most ancient and Mother of all Indo-European languages, Sanskrit, 'YANTRA' means machine or the absorbent of cosmic energy.
But I don't see any moving parts or mechanism in it. It's just a piece of metal with some kind of geometrical design on it.
  Yes, it is .However, in the same manner you don't see any frequencies of sight , sound, smell, touch , and taste . You don't see gravity, you don't see a magnetic field. Still we are the most affected and controlled by those forces. In the same manner, yantras are big conductors of cosmic energy.
How long does it take to notice positive result?
  It depends on the size of Yantras , material of Yantras, work of Yantras. In most normal situations, 30 to 90 days are enough time to test it out.
How does it work to help me?
  Yantras have geometrical and mathematical rhythm of natural forces to attract and absorb cosmic energy. Just like your TV or radio antenna works with the elements for better reception of frequency.
I am still confused and skeptic about how a piece of metal can change my life?
  When lightning strikes on your home ,you're protected by piece of iron rod. When a doctor operates on you with a knife, technically, it's a piece of metal. The right knowledge can turn that metal into life saving elements.
Does it need to be placed in a certain way and time?
  Yes, it is very important . It does make a very big impact and difference in result as to how, when and where you place Yantras. Just imagine on a cold night, you sit near the fire and sit on the fire; that makes a lot of difference. The elements, you and fire, are the same, but the placements make the big difference.
How many different kinds of Yantras you have?
  There are hundreds of different kinds of Yantras. Every human desire and dream has Yantras. But still, the Shree Yantra, Kuber Yantra and Ganesh Yantra, are the most popular and satisfy the different needs of most people.
Does the size of Yantra make any difference?
  Yes. The bigger the Yantra the better the result with the correct placement. We have 2"x 2" to 3' x 3'. Also we have Yantras painted on pure white silk.
Why are there are so many Yantras, when nature is just basic and uniform energy?
  Just like each sound has different frequencies, every fire has different heat, every fruit has a different taste and every human has different features, and similarly rain water gives life to one plant and ruin or kills smaller plants. So, nature is not there only for us but for every element . It's up to us to find out, to the best of our abilities, how to utilize its resources. To our good fortune, that is available and preserved in Vedic Science.
What is Kali Yantra?
  Kali Yantra will help you to overcome your competitors.
What is the Ganesh yantra?
  Ganesh Yantra will help you to overcome obstacles. Ganesh will also help to create prosperity.
What does the Laxmi or Lakshmi Yantra do?
  The Laxmi (Lakshmi) Yantra brings eternal prosperity.
How can the Kuber Yantra help me?
  If you have a business, then the Kuber Yantra is very ideal to set up in the corporate executive's office or in the safe room.
How can I the Baglamukhi yantra help me?
  The Baglamukhi yantra is very ideal to improve your speech and oratory skills. The Baglamukhi will also help to overcome your competitors.
I see the Shri (Sri) Yantra everywhere. What is the difference between the Shri (Sri) Yantra and the Meru Yantra?
  Both are the same yantra. Both Shri and Meru Yantras come in different forms of conductivity. The Shri is a concentrated form of the Meru Yantra.

Some very powerful yantras. These yantras are created by Ms. Ketki Desai of Matunga, Mumbai

Meru Yantra in Brass:
Ideal for business enhancement and peace and prosperity
Kuber Yantra:
Good for improvement in financial matters.
Shri Yantra:
All round protection for family and business.
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