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Past Life - AKnowledge

The best, most authentic, and proven way to find out about how your past life’s actions are your present life’s reactions through Brugu Sahita.

Originally, this knowledge was written on bark about 5000 years ago. As per information, few original hand written scriptures are still in government libraries in Kashmir, India. Later, these hand written scriptures were part re-written in modern day languages and are located in quite many government libraries.

It may sound weird that somebody can say something about your past life from some mathematical calculations or from Vedic horoscopes, but it is accepted and proved in the same way that we accept the magnetic field, sound transition, light speed and even in God. We haven’t seen these forces physically or objectively but we accept its influence on us. This is a new opportunity to test it and take a chance to know more about your past birth, your present birth, and where and when you will be reborn through the process of reincarnation.

How is it done? Once we get your date, place and time of birth, we make your Vedic horoscope and then the real work begins. We have to find similar horoscopes to yours from the Brugu Sahinta, which is written in Sanskrit or translated into the local vernacular languages. Now, the complexity of finding your horoscope and translating is very laborious because there are thousands of charts to hunt through. Most of the time, the reading is about one to two pages, but it is very succinct and enlightening.

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