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Reservation Form -Knowledge

New Dynamic Inn
14030 Mill Street Guerneville, CA 95446 Phone: (707) 869-5082 Fax: (707) 869-1563 e-mail: new@newdynamic.com

Reservation Request Form :: Please fill this form out to reserve your room. The areas that are in bold and underlined are the fields in which information is required in order to confirm your room. If you have any comments or suggestions please contact us. Thank you.

Note: For all those interested in reserving a room for Lazy Bear Weekend 2005, we are sorry to inform you that we have no vacancies for that weekend. However, you may submit this form to be added to our waiting list.

Please provide the following contact information:
First Name ::
Last Name ::
Organization ::
Street Address ::
Address (cont.) ::
City ::
State/Province ::
Zip/Postal Code ::  
Country ::
Work Phone ::
Home Phone ::
E-mail ::
URL ::
Choose on of the following types of rooms. Please note that this option will be honored only on availability. We will try to best accommodate your request, be we do not guarantee it ::
Credit Card Type:
Card Holder's Name
Credit Card Number (This site is not secure, you may prefer to fax your credit card number at this number: 707-869-1563) ::
Expiration Date ::  (mm/yy)
Date of Arrival ::  (mm/dd/yy)
Check-out Date ::  (mm/dd/yy)
Time of Arrival ::
Number of People ::
How many rooms would you like? (Please define in word*s i.e. two, one, three, etc)

We would appreciate any comments or suggestions ::

How did you come to know of our Inn?

Cancellation Policy

A reservation constitutes a two-way contract between the New Dynamic Inn and you. It assures that your accommodations will be kept available for you for all the dates indicated, and it assures us that we can turn away other potential guests for the dates indicated.

Deposit will be forfeited unless written notice of cancellation and/or rescheduling of reservation is received at atleast two weeks prior to arrival date. All cancellations are subject to a $30.00 cancellation fee. The customer is responsible for the entire balance of reservation amount upon arrival. Your entire deposit will be forfeited if your reservation is cancelled within two weeks of arrival date.

Ii is understood that the New Dynamic Inn cannot accept responsibility for inclement weather, changes in travel plans, personal sickness or injury, etc.

The New Dynamic Inc. values your patronage and appreciates your understanding. Thank You.

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