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Learn more about Vedic Science and express yourself!!

Why should we use this Vedic astrological science?

We do not want you to use our services based on faith, belief, philosophy, Psychology, or religion. Instead, we want to provide you with a crystal clear and rational understanding of the background of Vedic science. The following are some points that even Nobel lauretes cannot deny. You are still able to question us. We are sure that we will be able to satisfy your quest for more knowledge and better lifestyle.

Our clients know, from the positive changes that we have helped stimulate in their lives, that we are more realistic and accurate when evaluating life events, than the so called professionals who are routinely consulted for advice. Please consider the following:

Do you allow doctors to prescribe medication for you, based on test results compiled from previous patients?
Do you act on the advice of a financial advisor whose information is formulated from someone else's economic theories?
Do you allow insurance companies to charge you a rate based on someone else's life expectancy?
Do you consult a psychologist to treat you on the basis of other patients' behavioral reactions and circumstances?
Do you make major investment decisions predicated on a statistician's assumed data?
Do you believe your stock analyst's recommendation compiled from the past performance of a certain stock

Vedic science is not a man-made science. In the realm of man-made science, the results are already created according to his or her understanding at that particular time. That is why so many drugs are being recalled after realizing that they are harming rather than helping. The irony is that, when those drugs are introduced, scientific bid-shots and lab tests claim otherwise. Vedic astrological science is a natural science. It does not work according to man's controlled situations or expectations. A simple example: one inch of rain is one action and will have three different reactions. The very small shrubs and insects will be flooded and killed. The medium sized plants will get new life and energy. The big trees will be deprived of adequate amount of rain and too will suffer. Astrologically, one configuration will not give the similar results because we are dealing with Nature. The intensity of the effects will vary based on your DNA, your upbringing, and your environment.

Vedic astrology is not psychology. One who doesn't understand the difference, mixes them up to create incorrect results.

Look at the globe above. It's weight is 6,585,600,000,000,000,000,000 tons and is moving 67,000 miles per hour. Ask yourself, who is holding this heavy globe. Who is giving the force of motion? If those magnetic and gravitational fields can influence and maintain the speed and stability with such unimaginable precision, how can we as humans,  deny the truth that we are the universe within the universe?

Any doctor will tell us that we get Vitamin D from the sun. Or that the environment gets glucose from the sun. Is the sun only there to produce these nutrients? Isn't it possible that the sun emits energy and forces that are not seen by modern science. Vedic science addresses these forces and uses their frequency to attune our harmonies with Nature.

A lot of times we hear that scientific medicines have a reaction. Why should there be a reaction when they are meant to cure?

When you go to the ocean, you notice high and low tides. If the gravity of the sun and the moon can mobilize such a huge ocean, how can we deny that our own 75% water constituency is not affected? We are inherently affected by the happenings and forces of the cosmos. After all, it was the famous physicist Niels Bohr who stated that "You can't pick a flower without affecting the orbit of Jupiter."
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